? 7signs F.A.Q.

 How much do signs cost?

Pricing varies based on sign type and materials used, but at 7 SIGNS we are known for our competitive pricing. Please contact us for a fast, free, custom quote for your project.

 How long does it take for the sign to be produced?

A production time is approximate and does not begin until after the proof has been approved, signed and returned. We cannot control the carriers transit time.

 How will I know what my sign will look like?

On all orders you will be given a proof of the design and all we need is your approval.

 How do I send you my logo?

Please send your logo & artwork content by email at sales@7signs.com.au

 Is the information on your website current?

Yes, we update our website frequently. We ensure the most recent information and details are displayed for our clients and visitors.

 Are the decals legal on my vehicle?

Different states have different laws and regulations regarding decal placement. Most decals and stripes are legal as long as they do not block the driver’s view of the road. Check with your local laws before making an order.

 How do I place an order?

You can place an order via email, or just contact us and a customer service representative will answer your questions and get your order underway. We require a 50% deposit before we can proceed with your design and the balance on design approval.

 What types of signage does 7SIGNS manufacture?

We manufacture all kinds of signs imaginable, including Interiors Signs, Exteriors Signs, vehicle graphics, banners and more.

 What is the estimated delivery time?

After the goods are dispatched, we deliver within 3 business days to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane metropolitan areas. The estimated delivery time for all other parts of Australia is 10 business days.

 Do you accept verbal orders?

You can initiate an order verbally, but all orders must be confirmed in writing.

 What is your return policy?

All orders, once produced, are final. No items can be returned. If a delivery is refused for any reason except damage, it is up to the customer to arrange for re-delivery at their expense. Undelivered items will be disposed of after thirty days.

Flag Banner F.A.Q's

 What is your minimum order?

Our flag minimum order is 1.

 How long does production and shipping take?

After your approval of the artwork and confirmation of the order, we will begin production which will take 5-7 business days. The shipping time will depend on the location to be delivered. We also offer overnight delivery.

 Can I choose my own freight company to deliver my goods?

Yes you may, but you will be required to make all the arrangements.

 How much does the freight cost?

That depends on where you are, we will give you an estimate with your quotation.

 Who does the artwork design?

In most cases the customer will to do the artwork, but you can ask us do your artwork if you wish. Should you choose to us do the artwork, we will include the cost in our quotation.

 Can you help me with my artwork?

Yes, whilst we have templates for all our sizes if you prefer we can design your artwork for you, with typical prices ranging from $30-$60 (brief and requirement dependant).

 Am I limited on the number of colours on my flag banner?

No! A flag banner is printed in full colour. Full colour flag banners include unlimited colours, text, graphics and images.

 Which shape is best for me?

This is really down to your preference. The sizes are similar for all product styles and all work equally well whether indoor or outdoor.

 Single or Double sided?

Again this is down to choice. The single sided is around 75% see through which works really well with images etc. If the flag is double sided with no transparency then this can sometimes suit “text heavy” banner flags meaning the message can be read the “right way” whichever way you view the banner flag.

 Can I clean my flag?

Your sure can, either just wipe the material down with a soapy sponge. Alternatively just pop the flag ( minus the poles of course!!) into the washing machine on a 40°c cycle.

 What is the life of a flag?

The life of a flag is often affected with wind and the effect of damage increases with the winds intensity. In order to preserve the life of a flag it is essential to take them indoors at night especially if the wind is blowing faster than 40hm/h. It is also best to wash your flags when dirty while not letting the dirt build on and repair any damage as soon as possible before it spreads.

 I didn’t see the flag or banner style that I’m looking for in the home page. Can you make different style?

Yes. If you have specific style you are looking for, please contact us. We can help you create your flag or banner with your specification.

 I need an OPEN or SALE text flag.

If you are looking for a low cost option and only need text, check out our Generic flags. This option includes a red background with white OPEN or SALE text.

 Is it possible to return a flag?

As custom orders are designed to suit your unique requirements, we cannot accept returns on the same. It is advised that you thoroughly review the proof by our graphic designer before proceeding; once the order has been approved and signed it will be considered non refundable/non returnable.

 Does the company have records of every order?

Our system is designed to store design records for at least 10 years so if you ever want to re order a flag we will already have your previous order’s design to refer to.

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