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We understand the density of privacy protection. Below is listed our policy in regards to you sharing any personal information while using our webpage:

The information that you provide us with depends solely on how you use our website. All information provided to us is considered strictly confidential!:

The information stored when you use our webpage:

We do not believe in collecting any information from our web visitors, through cookies or other techniques.

While analysing our web page we keep track of the most searched words and regularly check the domains used to access our website while also looking at the number of hits we receive.

If you read or download any information from our website, we record your server address, date and time of your visit, domain name and the downloaded information, using our Internet service provider hosting provider for the sole purposes of web development and statistics.

We also keep track if you have used our ‘email a friend’ option to send any of our web content’s information to your friends. In this case the recipients email address is stored in our data base to promote our marketing. We also used the stored information to send you emails that hold content regarding your interests.

Disclosing your information:

It is our strict policy to ensure none of your information is disclosed without your approval. The only exception remains when 7 signs might be required by law to do so.

Our email privacy procedures

If the legal requirement exists, we will need to keep records of the emails you send us. All emails sent to or from 7 SIGNS are regularly checked and monitored for quality and legal compliance purposes.

What you can do if you think our records about you are incorrect:

Contacting us is the best option if you think that the information we hold about you, is inaccurate or out of date.

How to reach us to discuss this policy:

If your need to contact us in regards to any part of this privacy policy, feel free to get in contact with us.

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