? The Beginners Guide to Using Teardrop Flags & Promotional Banners in Melbourne

The Beginners Guide to Using Teardrop Flags and Promotional Banners in Melbourne

The Beginners Guide to Using Teardrop Flags and Promotional Banners in Melbourne

The journey of a business is one that is never ending and full of the need to make use of creative signs to increase profit. Banners and flags are a great form of advertising for any business and can be used in almost every place or event. The decision of choosing the best-suited option can be confusing especially for the first few times. Here is the beginners guide to understanding and using the ideal choice of flag or banner for your business in Melbourne.

Understanding the different types:

  • Teardrop flags
    Being one of the most commonly used designs, they can often be spotted at almost every kind of event as well as indoor events. Their basic design and structure are known to fight wind thus proving effective for advertising and promotions even on a windy day. The base design of a teardrop banner can vary from those of spikes to making use of X-bases with sand bags. The shape contributes to the limitations of its design which is why it is best to use simple designs.
  • Feather flags
    Also known as Bali flags, these are available in multiple sizes up to 5m in height. They are crafted from good quality polyester fabric that is designed for the outdoors; these are known to wave with the wind while whirling like a teardrop shaped one. While some have only one visible side of the business representation, others have two.
  • National Style flags
    Most commonly called rectangular or referred to as block flags these are known to really dance in the wind. National style flags can be mounted onto flagpoles that can ensure that it is hoisted quite high to draw attention and be seen from quite an expanse of land.

The benefits of opting for teardrop banners and promotional flags:

Teardrop FlagBoth teardrop banners as well as promotional flags are very budget friendly as they can be transported from one place to another easily fitting into every event. A single pole can also hold more than one type of flag or banner.

Here are a few more advantages of making use of promotional flags and teardrop banners as display signs for various events in Melbourne:

  • Promotional flags as well as teardrop banners are wind and water-resistant making them the ideal choice for outdoor events. These have digital printing and stand 2-5m tall.
  • You can choose from a variety of styles that are both unique and differ in sizing and that can be well suited for indoor and outdoor business events.
  • They are budget-friendly and can be much more of a better option than other expensive advertisement forms.

Rules for flags and banners that are to be setup in Melbourne:

While using these signs for business promotions it is important to remember the rules for the same set down by the Australian government.

Below are a set of guidelines to follow to ensure that your business advertisements adhere to the rules of the government.

  • The promotional sign needs to be one that interests a large percentage of the masses while being of importance.
  • The banners and flags can be put on display for a limited amount of time.
  • They are not allowed to have anything that can displease people or seem abusive.
  • It is important for the signs to have relevance to the business and the environment that they are placed in.
  • They are not allowed to be very reflective.
  • Only 20% and below of the sign can be assigned to commercial content and sponsorship details.


In most cases, you will require the consent of the local councils before putting the flag or banner up for display.

Below is the information necessary for such appealing for the same:

  • A clear mapping of the placement of the banner or flag.
  • The pattern and design along with the advertising material on it.
  • The exact dimensions of the sign.
  • They are also meant to abide by certain guidelines such as:

    • They are not permitted to be displayed on Anzac Parade, Adelaide Avenue approaching the Prime Minister’s Lodge or Dunrossil Drive Yarralumla approaching the Governor-General's residence (all in the A.C.T.)
    • Displaying them are forbidden before 2 weeks of the event.
    • Directional banners are only allowed during the ongoing of an event.
    • They must be removed within 48hours of the finished event.
    • Fastening of the signs must be with wooden stakes as the use of steel pickets are forbidden.


Banners and flags are a great way to promote business events and advertisements and can be very effective when used the right way. It is important to get a good and trustworthy professional to help with the designing of the same to ensure the best results.

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