? How to Maintain your Custom Flag or Banner so it Lasts Longer

How to Maintain your Custom Flag or Banner so it Lasts Longer?

How to Maintain your Custom Flag or Banner so it Lasts Longer?

Banners and flags are the go-to marketing medium for most businesses in Melbourne. Due to the many possibilities in customizing their design and their availability in striking shapes, promotional banners and flags have the potential to draw necessary footfalls to trigger sales.  

Undoubtedly, if you as a Melbourne business-owner invest in a set of promotional banners and flags for your business you will want to use it as much as possible.

However, there’s no denying that since they are used outdoors their shelf-life only lasts long if you maintain them well. So what measures can you take to ensure you extract value for money from this business investment?

You don’t like harsh weather conditions, neither does your signage.

That’s right! If you happen to hear a forecast that predicts bad weather conditions, bring your flag or banner inside. Do not let it sit out and be subject to strong winds, harsh rain or hailstones. This can save you from problems like a broken pole, or fading of the design, rendering the signage useless.

Folding a wet banner is basically destroying it yourself.

Now, it’s possible that you hurriedly brought your banner or flag indoors in the advent of bad weather. However, there’s no denying it has gotten wet. You need to hang it out to dry on a clothesline before keeping it away.

Do not fold it when damp as this could cause discoloration, permanent creasing, and even the accumulation of mildew. Needless to say, these factors will reduce the functionality or life-span of the flag and banner.

Dirt and chemicals are bad for them too.

Now, we know that since flags and banners are used outdoors they are bound to get dirty. But allowing dirt to accumulate can cause discolouration, fading and easy wear and tear. That doesn’t mean you immediately dump it a bucket of bleach or other chemical cleaning agents.

These are harsh chemicals and so cause the material to weaken, subjecting it to easy wear and tear. Additionally, the chemicals will also act on the design and colours, giving them a lifeless look.

Fix repairs and tears immediately.

The saying of a stitch in time saves nine applies here too! When you buy from a reputed store, you automatically benefit from their use of premium-quality materials. Thus, in case there is a minor tear or rip, it is still repairable. However, the time-period within which you can fix it is limited and requires you to act on this observation immediately.

Clean your promotional banner or flag the way you would a delicate garment.

This promotional business signage’s do require cleaning every fortnight. However, as mentioned above, do not use bleach or harsh cleansers. Instead, mix a mild detergent in a bucket of cold water and use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the flag or banner. This gently takes off the grease and stains, without scrubbing off the custom design you have so painstakingly gotten imprinted.

Do not fold it while wet, but allow it to dry on a clothesline. If you need to iron the flag or banner, turn it onto the reverse side and iron at a minimum temperature. In fact, you don’t need to even out the creases by ironing. The strong flapping of the wind will effortlessly straighten it out for you.

Check the condition of your flagpole

More often than not, it is the flagpole that is responsible for causing irreversible damage to the signage. A broken or rusty pole can cause the material to rip or tear, which will soon shred it up. Instead check on the pole from time to time, to see whether it needs to be changed or is in good condition.

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